Alan Duxbury

Lighting Cameraman

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Tajikistan - The Crescent and the Star
The collapse of the Soviet Union, independance for the Tajiks, and Muslim fundamentalism.
Siberia - Ray Mears World of Survival
Ray stays with a brigade of Evenk, reindeer herders, as the seasons change from summer to winter.
Pakistan - The Generals Election
Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Shariff in democratic elections. But what influence will the military have?
India - East
From Assam to Bombay and Delhi, with light entertainment items on fashion, personalities and culture.t
Jordan - Correspondent
For the BBC's foreign affairs programme
Siberia - Hunting Chris Ryan
Special forces soldier Chris Ryan evades a hunter force in temperatures of -40c
Kazakstan/China - Correspondent
The Chinese response to a Uigur uprising for an independant state is investigated in the Xinjiang province and Almaty, Kazakstans capital.

Flying into The Evenk - Siberian reindeer herders

Siberia - Hunting Chris Ryan