Alan Duxbury

Lighting Cameraman

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China - The Clothes Show
The story of Silk from the silk worm to fashion on The Great Wall
Pakistan - Caught in the Crossfire
In The Sind provice with the Mohajirs, an ethnic group who came to Pakistan after partition who're still struggleing to be accepted.
Uzbekistan - The Crescent and the Star
The collapse of the Soviet Union, and the rise of Islam especially in the Fergana valley.
Syria - Correspondent
The BBC's foreign affairs programme visits the Golan heights where families seperated after Israeli occupation call to each other across the border.
Pakistan - East
From rock bands to sharia law, to fashion and profiles of Imran Khan and Jahangir Khan, ''East' was a showcase for Pakistans youth culture.
India - Madhur Jaffreys Flavours of India
Six programmes from -Goa,
- Kerala
- Gujurat
- The Punjab
- Tamil Nadu
and the City of Calcutta in West Bengal