Alan Duxbury

Lighting Cameraman

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During the filming of Ray Mears Bushcraft in Wyoming Alan took part in a helicopter shoot. Director Matt Brandon and presenter Ray Mears were on board when they were to film a man riding his horse along a ridge.

Repeating a manouvre, they turned around the end of the ridge to make our filming pass. Heading down wind, the pilot had insufficient power to maintain height. With rising ground in front and on both sides, there was nowhere to go to increase speed and 'lift'. The helicopter hit the ground bouncing uncontrolled back into the air. On the second impact Alan was knocked unconcious. The helicopter tumbled several times as the skids, tail boom, and rotors broke away.

Alan regained conciousness as the helicopter came to rest only to be soaked in aviation fuel.

Alan was evacuated by helicopter to the local medical center. He had broken both ankles, toes on his right foot, his right tibia and fibula, and compressed three vertibrae in his back.

The pilot cracked a bone in his back and chipped a tooth. Ray and Matt suffered bruises but were otherwise physically uninjured.

Alan returned to England after two weeks in the medical centre but remained in hospital for a further four weeks.

After many operations Alan was able to return to work with Ray again on Wildfood, Ray Mears Goes Walkabout in Australia and also Ray's Northeren Wilderness series in Canada.

Regretably Alan's injuries have made it increasingly difficult to continue working as a cameraman.