Alan Duxbury

Lighting Cameraman

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North America

USA Wyoming - Ray Mears Bushcraft
Journeying along The Oregon Trail in the footsteps of the mountain men with the skills of the native Shoshone.
Canada Baffin Island - The Clothes Show
The first man to walk unsupported to both poles, Robert Swan, shows us what to wear in subzero temperatures.
USA - The Absolute Truth
A look at thirty years of the Roman Catholic Church
USA Alaska- Ray Mears Extreme Survival
Skidoos, sleds and shipwrecks! Adventurers need arctic survival skills
USA - The Lost Highway
A history of country music filming in Nashville Tennessee, California and Alabama
Canada - Ray Mears' Northern Wilderness
The story of exploration and survival in The Rockies and the west coast on Vancouver Island

Wyoming "Ray Mears' Bushcraft"